Why Ozonclean?

Sanitize protecting your health from chemicals by Using the force of nature. Preserve the planet for your children.

Add value to your business

Fresh and sanitized rooms constitute an added value, a quality that gives an immediate pleasant impression on customers.

Less chemicals

You will be able to reduce the quantity of sanitizing chemical solutions, cutting costs and eliminating all the problems related to their storage.

Less costs

Ozonclean sanitizes a 25 square meters room in just 2 minutes. You only pay the very low cost of the electric energy required.

Extend the shelf life

Ozonclean extends food products’ shelf life without altering their flavour and preserving their organoleptic properties.

Less labour cost

Ozonclean is settable and works in complete autonomy. It requires little effort by the operator, reduces time and stress.

No spare parts needed

Ozonclean machines do not have components subject to wear, therefore they do not require replacement parts or maintenance.

Ozonclean is the perfect solution for sanitizing rooms in an eco-friendly way. No dangerous chemicals involved for a better result, because it:

  • Kills 99,98% of all viruses on all the surfaces inside the treated room, fabrics included.
  • Deodorizes the air, eliminating unpleasant persistent smell.
  • Keeps insects away

Since many years, market has been offering ozone generating machines, but the new Ozonclean range, entirely designed and made in Italy, have a more advanced technology, better also than our previous models, in terms of safety and productivity.

The new Ozonclean technology is lighter, safer, easier to move, more powerful and reliable. It is the ideal system for keeping kitchens, rooms, offices, gyms,

bathrooms and all usually crowded spaces hygienically safe. It is the most innovative and ideal solution for extending the shelf life of food products.

Behind our products, there is not just a simple low cost component assembler, but rather a dynamic company that designs, patents and manufactures professional equipment, choosing to keep its entire production in Italy in order to guarantee an extremely high product reliability and quality.

Ozonclean is the only room sanitization system which does not use any chemical, unlike all commonly used systems, included the most recent ones bearing Ecolabels.

Ozonclean is not chemical. It does not pollute and it does not pose any danger to the health of the users. Ozonclean uses the oxygen naturally present in the air and turns it into a powerful sanitizing element, without releasing any toxic or dangerous residual, which could take years to be absorbed by the environment.

Protect your health and your customers and collaborators’ health, choose not to expose them to chemical hazards.

Ozone: the power is in the air

Ozone, a molecule constituted by 3 oxygen atoms (O3), is a gas naturally formed in the stratosphere

and concentrated at about 25 km above sea level. Ozone is essential for life on Earth: it protects our planet from more than 90% of UV radiations and keeps the atmosphere clean from pollutants. Near the Earth’s surface, ozone is at minimum detectable levels.

How Ozonclean transforms oxygen into the most powerful sanitizing product

Ozone generation

Ozonclean uses the oxygen present in a room. It filters the air with a fan and conveys it through the machine, where an electronic system creates the “crown effect” which breaks the oxygen molecules into single atoms.

The single oxygen atom naturally joins the free molecule forming an ozone molecule. In this way, Ozonclean can generate a quantity of ozone sufficient to saturate a room in just few minutes.

Sanitization and deodorization

Ozone is a natural gas with a very strong oxidizing power, able to destroy viruses, eliminate bacteria, fungus, mildew and keep insects and other undesirable creatures like mites away. Besides, performing a deep sanitization, Ozonclean destroys odour particles, keeping rooms fresh and odour free.

No residuals

Ozone is an unstable gas and therefore it must be generated on the spot and cannot be stored. Due to its instability, the oxygen atom detaches in few minutes from the molecule and becomes oxidized, leaving the oxygen as the only residual in the environment.

Discover the advantages Ozonclean can give to your business


Hotels, Resorts, Farm stays, B&B, Spa resorts, Holiday villages, Cruise boats

In the hotel business, a perfect hygiene is the first thing visitors notice and expect, when entering their rooms or bathrooms.

Ozonclean allows you to offer a constant and perfect level of room sanitization and thus getting an immediate positive impact on your customers. Keeping the air inside your rooms always fresh, clean and free of odours (such as smoke or other musty smells) left by previous visitors, is a detail that needs to be considered. Your customers will have the impression no one has ever stayed in that room before them.

A fresh and sanitized room is a positive feature you can offer to your customers without spending much money and time. Improving your visitors’ comfort is the best advertising for your business.


Restaurant, Pizzerias, Industrial kitchens,  Delicatessens, Bars – Pubs, Wine cellars, Supermarkets, Cold rooms, Zootechnical sector, Food production in general

The quality and health of food are the key ingredients for a successful restaurant. Ozonclean contrasts microbes formation and destroys all those pollutants, such as bacteria and mildew, that are constantly present inside kitchens and storage rooms and are responsible for food degradation.

Thanks to this system, food raw material preserves its freshness and biological quality.


Food industries, Bakery, Pastry shops, Ice cream shops, Butcher shops, Cold rooms, Boats for food transport, Wine sector, Refrigerated transport system, Animal husbandry

Keeping a high level of food preservation throughout all the production chain is often very difficult.

The first problem is preventing the crops from being contaminated by insects carrying viruses or harmful diseases easily transmissible to man.

If used regularly inside your facilities, Ozonclean easily keeps away rodents, roaches, earwigs, ants, cockroaches, spiders, etc. You will fully comply with rooms hygiene standards at no labour or maintenance costs and will not have to worry, in case of inspections by hygiene authorities.


Schools, Libraries, Cinemas and theatres, Clubs,  Offices, Shopping centres, Public transports, Train wagons, Banks, Sport centres, Swimming pools, Beauty centres, Public toilets, Shops and locals, Smoking areas, Car dealers

In crowed, often closed, scarcely ventilated public areas, viruses, bacteria and allergens find the best conditions to proliferate. Ozonclean quickly decontaminates any surface. Its action reaches all those hard-to-clean hidden spots, where microorganisms and bacteria grow and

multiply. An example: in public places, the air conditioners ventilation channels are often the main vehicle for diseases diffusion.


Hospitals, Ambulances, Dental and medical practices, Veterinary practices, Waiting rooms, Nursing homes and clinics, Healthcare spaces in general

Ozonclean is the only system for the sanitization of rooms in healthcare facilities, with no risk for humans and no contraindications. Unlike chlorine, which has an high antibacterial power, but is not able to destroy any kind of microorganism, the ozone sterilizes the air eliminating viruses, mildew, fungi, etc. It can be used on any surface and electronic equipment. In addition, unlike chlorine, it does not require specific precautions.

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